Lydia Teng – New Creation Church

lydia-tengI throughly enjoyed my guitar learning experience with Strum & Praise! Despite being a beginner with no experience, the lessons at Strum & Praise were conducted at an enjoyable pace that made learning the guitar very fun and manageable. The instructors were also immensely helpful and passionate in helping students like myself, with no background in music, to master the basics of guitar. Week by week, the instructors teach different content for each lesson and conduct the class in a fun and interactive manner. I also appreciated how the class was conducted in a relaxed and intimate setting where instructors could effectively rectify any difficulties we faceand thereby optimize our learning experience. Overall, my experience with Strum & Praise was both enjoyable and enriching. Thank you to all instructors for your time, passion and dedication! To anyone who is interested in learning the skills of basic guitar, Strum &Praise would definitely be the place for you to go!

Andy Ang – The City

andy-angStrum & Praise’s instructors are knowledgeable and passionate about music. They take time to explain concepts to make sure we understand them.

The atmosphere was casual which created a non-threatening environment for me to learn the guitar.

I highly recommend Strum & Praise for anyone who wishes to pick up the guitar.


Rebecca Francis – Covenant Evangelical Free Church

rebecca-francisI really enjoyed being in a company of those who have a passion for playing the guitar. I enjoyed Strum & Praise’s Beginner Program which taught me how to play Christian songs on the guitar. I also enjoyed being able to invite God into the lessons and my times of practice.

All the experiences in the Program were memorable for me. I would encourage everyone to attend the Program and to be committed to practicing. To my instructors – thank you so much for your devotion and commitment and faithfulness in teaching me.

Immanuel Gomez – New Creation Church

immanuel-gomezThe guitar lessons were very well planned out and very easy to understand. Overall it was an indeed positive and fantastic string of lessons.

Being someone who has never laid hands on a guitar before, I found myself enjoying melodies by my own hand by only the 3rd lesson.

Strum & Praise’s Beginner Program is indeed a wise and worthy investment on my part. The prices are affordable despite the great service and hospitality.

Wei Lin

Wei Lin

I was inspired to learn how to worship God with music after hearing a friend’s testimony. I wanted my personal worship time to be filled with melodious tunes to God. I came across Strum and Praise on Facebook and decided to give it a try. I enjoyed the trial lesson so much that I decided on the spot to sign up for the beginner course!

I have never played the guitar before and the lessons are paced such that even complete beginners like me can follow. The instructors are dedicated and encouraging. The small class size also creates a cosy environment for us to ask questions comfortably, making lesson time engaging and interesting. We are taught not just how to play the guitar, but also how to build up the spiritual atmosphere during praise and worship. By the third lesson, I could strum a whole worship song!

I would certainly recommend Strum and Praise to anyone who desires to pick up guitar, especially if it is for personal worship or to lead praise and worship. I am sure it will be a fulfilling journey for you as it had been for me. A pat on the back for the instructors for your passion and commitment!



I wanted to learn the guitar because I want to worship the Lord with strings and harps like how they worship the Lord in the old testament. I chanced upon Strum and Praise on Facebook, came for the trial class and liked the way guitar was being taught. I enjoyed the fact that we were able to play a song after every lesson, with practice of course. Attending strum and praise enhanced my worship to the Lord. It also built my character as it trains my perseverance. My wife and I also bonded as we now have another thing in common to do together – she sings and I strum.



Since young, it was always my heart’s desire to pick up the guitar and play songs that resonates with my soul – mainly worship songs. When I heard Strum and Praise teaches guitar using worship songs, I felt it was perfect because I get to learn the guitar and pick up chords for songs that I love. The most interesting and challenging part would be the practicum – the changing of chords and strumming in different beats. However, the instructor was very patient in explaining the theory and guiding us through the practical portions of the lessons. Although the course didn’t take up a lot of my time, it was certainly a game changer for me. Now, I finally understand why the guitar is being played in a certain way and the theory behind it.