Our Approach



At Strum & Praise, we have developed a powerful and proven learning system known as the Strum & Praise Accelerated Learning System©. This system has been rigorously and systematically developed in consultation with leading worship leaders and guitar instructors and has helped countless students master guitar playing in the shortest time possible.

The Strum & Praise Accelerated Learning System© imparts 3 fundamental building blocks through 5 learning principles that we have built into our pedagogy.


We will impart to you 3 fundamental skills to transform them you into an all-rounded guitarist.


Through our courses, we will systematically introduce a wide variety of strumming and fingerpicking techniques. These techniques will allow you to unlock the richness and dynamics contained in many contemporary Christian songs, and enable you to fully express yourself during times of praise and worship.

We will also share with you the secrets to mastering these techniques in the shortest time possible. Our students who follow our step-by-step homework guide experience dramatic improvements by just practicing for 10 minutes a day!


To become a holistic musician, it is also important to have sound musical theory. Our teaching method eliminates the “dryness” experienced by those who have learnt musical theory in traditional music schools, making learning fun, engaging, and easy to follow. We have developed modern, cutting-edge methods to unpack complex principles into bite-sized pieces.

The theory skills that you pick up will help you flow effortless within and across songs, and give you the confidence to experiment with unique chord voicings that will bring a special twist to any Christian song.


One of the highest order of learning for any musician is developing their listening skills.

Sadly, this is seldom taught or under-emphasized in most music schools. For you to reach true “musical freedom”, you should be able to play any song by ear without being overly reliant on chord sheets or guitar tabs.

While this may sound daunting, here at Strum & Praise, we will equip you with proven and tested principles that will undoubtedly improve your listening skills and bring your musicianship to the next level.


The other integral part to our Strum & Praise Accelerated Learning System© is the five learning principles that results in a positive learning environment for our students. Coupled with our fundamental building blocks, you will be given a solid foundation to kickoff their musical journey.

Engaging Learning Environment

We believe that people learn best when they are actively engaged.

You will discover that our courses are highly interactive in nature where students actively participate and engage with the instructor. There is never a dull moment in our guitar lessons.

Collaborative Learning Culture

We have discovered that people learn the fastest through meaningful collaboration with other students.

You will experience a warm inclusive learning community through a wide range of collaborative activities, such as group relays and ensemble pieces, that will make you look forward to every lesson.

Immersive Learning Experience

People learn best in context. We help contextualise every concept that is taught by applying them to popular Christian songs and having our students play along with our instructors.

You will experience a great sense of achievement by immediately applying newly learnt concepts to songs that you are well familiar with.

Variety that Appeals to All Learning Styles

We strongly believe that one size does not fit all! God has made you a unique individual and we endeavor to cater to your unique learning style. For visual learners, you will enjoy our beautifully designed printed course materials containing engaging diagrams and illustrations. For auditory learners, you will realise that our instructors are trained to explain and illustrate each concept taught in an engaging, interesting and often humorous manner. For kinesthetic learners who learn best by carrying out a physical activity, you will thoroughly enjoy participating in the engaging in-class activities that takes place every lesson.

Effective Revision Techniques

No pain, no gain? We have all heard this growing up. Yet, from our research, the number one reason why people stop playing the guitar is because they do not practice. And it is not their fault. Sadly, most music schools do not teach you how to revise effectively.

We believe in practicing SMART. We have developed effective revision techniques that only require students to practice for 10 minutes a day to experience drastic improvement. We are also working on a series of interactive video content that will guide you through the revision process weekly.